437. Broke

About my lack of emotion in the last few days…  If tears were cash,  Then I’d be broke,  If notes were laughs, I’ve none.  (Photo, Eli Woodbine, UK, 2015) 

436. Tired 

About crippling tiredness…  Crimson shafts of rage, Eminate, From the only place where energy,  Remains.  (Photo – Eli Woodbine, Toronto, 2017)

355. Fueled

About my relationship with caffeine…  Tired legs, wilted flower,  Stomach aching,  Warm-ish shower, Wrong feet through my trouser legs, Too late, too late, Unkempt bed.  Coffee.  Stunning sun, Rush of power,  Dance through town, in early hours, Dreaming, living, Seize the day,  Caffeine cuddled black, hot way.  (Photo – Eli Woodbine, Canada, 2016)   

303. Fragile 

About how I feel when I’m too creatively sapped to think…  A flea,  Most probably, Has greater strength than me, Right now,  A gnat could outwit me at chess,  I’m Monday’s worst to Sunday best, Interruptions are amassed,  Sensibilities are crass,  All in all, Heed my call,  Go, my man to sleep.  (Photo – Eli…